Harrison Lab


The Harrison Lab studies the mechanisms controlling host-microbe interactions at barrier tissues, primarily the skin and the gut. We perform our research in a multidisciplinary and collaborative manner, combining in vivo cellular and molecular immunology, using genetic mouse models, microbiology, transcriptomic, and epigenetic analyses, to understand how commensal-specific immunity contributes to tissue homeostasis and repair.

A major research interest in the lab is studying the role of commensal-specific T and B cells in the skin and gastrointestinal tract. To do so, we have generated new reagents, commensal-specific T and B cell tetramers, and T cell receptor transgenic mice, to enable us to identify, profile, and manipulate commensal-specific immune responses following commensal colonization, and during experimental infection and injury.

Our goal is to understand how these immune cells promote barrier tissue integrity and repair, and to understand how this goes awry during disease.

Oliver Harrison
Assistant Member

Oliver Harrison, DPhil

Principal Investigator, Harrison Lab; Center for Fundamental Immunology
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