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The goal of our research is to better understand mechanisms of sensing and repair during diseases like cancer, infections, and neurodegenerative disorders.

During infection, cancer, or physiological changes, the membranes of our cells can be damaged. Cells evolved to respond to those changes using a range of specialized adaptive immune responses. By understanding those mechanisms, we can modify cells to boost the immune system and restore a targeted and efficient response.

Stefani Inline - Staining Segmentation

Our lab uses high-throughput screening methods and cutting-edge technologies like VR and AI to study cell response mechanisms. We observe cellular changes using high-capacity microscopes and analyze those changes through machine learning.

Stefani Inline - Confocal VR
Caroline  Stefani
Research Assistant Member

Caroline Stefani, PhD

Principal Investigator, Stefani Lab; Center for Systems Immunology; Imaging Core Manager, Cell & Tissue Analysis Core
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