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Our research is focused on understanding the selection, activation, and expansion of an autoreactive T cell repertoire in autoimmunity. We utilize tools such as HLA tetramers to predict and validate epitopes within candidate antigens and to directly identify and characterize antigen-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cells.

The lab’s studies currently focus on type 1 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. The overarching goal of our research is to develop an increasingly in depth knowledge of autoreactive T cell responses by examining the characteristics of the epitope specific cells involved in these autoimmune diseases through robust multi-parameter assays and also at the single cell level. We seek to leverage that knowledge to develop clinically meaningful biomarkers and to reveal potential new avenues for therapies.

Our group places a high value on collaboration, as manifested by our activity in groups such as the JDRF Biomarker Working Group, the Immunology of Diabetes Society T cell Workshop, and nPOD and through formal and informal research collaborations with investigators across numerous areas of research. We are convinced that the future success of research will be crucially dependent on collaborative efforts that leverage the expertise of multiple researchers to address key questions through complementary techniques and approaches.

Eddie James
Assistant Member

Eddie James, PhD

Associate Member; Principal Investigator, James Lab; Center for Translational Immunology
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Lab Members

Aisha Callebaut

Aisha Callebaut, PhD

Post Doctoral Research Associate, James Lab; Center for Translational Immunology
Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones

Research Technician, James Lab; Center for Translational Immunology
Hai Nguyen

Hai Nguyen, PhD

Staff Scientist, James Lab; Center for Translational Immunology
Bio Jon Mentxaka Salgado

Jon Mentxaka Salgado, PhD

Visiting Scientist, James Lab; Center for Translational Immunology